First Experiances

I am currently an intern at Todd Agriculture Consulting LLC. I am working as a crop scout in and around Hale Center County. My day begins around six o’clock in the morning when I wake up. I arrive at the office around seven-thirty in the morning Monday through Friday, and Saturdays if necessary. Our morning routines consist of preparing each vehicle for the day of work that we have ahead of us. Before we leave the office we have a quick meeting regarding where each employee and intern are heading for the day, along with new methods for scouting different crops. Once each person has the daily duties we take off to our next location. So far I have learned the processes in scouting a field, along with identifying different weeds and insects. throughout a normal day I will look at approximately thirty fields a day. As a field scout I think as each crop as my own even though I do not plant or harvest the crops. I have learned that field scouts and farmers work as a team, so that the farmer can make the most profit out of his or her crops that they have planted this season. The biggest factor in being a crop scout is identifying the problems that a plant could possibly have. If my analyst is wrong it could cost the farmers extra money and possibly kill the crops in that field. So far in my internship I have discovered new things about my self that I did not already know. I plan on keep working hard through out  the summer and learning more things about scouting field.



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