First Ever Wheat Harvest

imageimageDuring my time working with James Todd, I did something I’ve never done before which was harvest wheat. Normally a combine comes through a wheat field and does all the hard work for you but this wasn’t the case for us. James was doing research for a fertilizer company and needed to harvest a specific amount for each plot and weigh the yield. In order to do this, James’s wife Lacey and I had to do it all by hand as seen in the picture above. This is a great example of the common wealth in my new community. The fact that all this work was being done in the name of research is a great example of education. James is a college educated man and understands the importance of scientific research which is why he participated in this experiment.

Another common wealth example I can draw from this experience is a food shed. This gave me hands on experience of how farming was done before combines and big tractors. This is the start of where food comes from, directly out of the ground.

Living in Plainview also gave me time to look for places to have recreational and leisure time. In this community there is Wayland Baptist University. It is here that I found a place to exercise and play games nearly on a daily basis. They have excellent facilities from an indoor activities center and a weight room that is open throughout the day. There are many other places of common wealth in the Plainview community, so far the ones I’ve talked about are the ones that have impacted me the most. I’ve enjoyed my time as an intern and a new member of the community. I am halfway done with my internship so my time here is almost at an end but I am thankful to have this opportunity to live and learn in Plainview.

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