First Community Feeling

I am currently working on familiarizing myself with not only the actual farmer’s market, but also the online farmer’s market in order to better represent the market and branch out into the advertising world. So far, I’ve completed 23 hours for Mid-Plains market. I’ve loved all of the adventures and appreciate all of the work that goes into running a market like this. My first experiences with this internship have been positive and enthralling. I spent the beginning of this internship printing and dispersing pamphlets for the market. From brochures to posters, I’ve spent a lot of time designing and handing them out to different groups of people. I’m really proud of our farmer’s market for accepting SNAP and WIC cards. We had our first WIC customers the other day, and it felt really good to see them appreciate the good, raw produce we sold to them. They, like other customers, looked around at our products like our raw, Texas honey, cool red and yellow watermelon, and juicy peaches. One of the many perks of being an intern at the local farmer’s market is getting to eat the bruised peaches and sharing them with other workers. I’ve become more connected with our small community through selling and doing business with different people throughout our town. I met two young men who couldn’t speak English well, so my supervisor and I played a game of charades and managed to have a fun conversation with the two men, while selling them fresh produce. I met an ambitious mother of three who gardened and loved going to farmer’s markets. I enjoy the community feel that this internship has brought me and look forward to new adventures I will see as I continue down this path.

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