Finishing my internship

I can happily say I completed my internship in the Lab. I loved every minute of it! I learned more than I could have imagined during my time! I hope to intern in the Lab again next year and expand on my knowledge. I believe that doing this internship is going to help me achieve my goal of going into forensic science. It has also shown me how much I enjoy science and learning new things. I have definitely expanded my professional connections, and gained more social skills. I enjoyed everyone I got to work with they are awesome and talented people, and I hope to be as good at my career as they are at theirs!

Every community has 12 common assets. Here are some of the things we have in my community.

Education: School, Ogallala Commons, and Hospital does CNA and First Aid classes

Health: Hospital, Track, and Weight room

Leisure & Recreation: Rec. league for adults and children, fishing, shooting range, golf course, and the park

History: Museum, and Picture canyons

Sense of place: This varies person to person, not everyone shares a sense of place

Water cycle: Ogallala aquifer, and a Pond

Arts & Culture: Dance studio

Wildlife & Natural world: Pond, Blackhole, and a Variety of wildlife

Soil & Mineral cycle: Crops and Grasslands

Food shed: Farmers market

Renewable energy: WInd turbines, and Solar panels

Spirituality: Many different churches.

These are some of our windmills.

To access the room block by phone use “Ogallala Commons Room Block” at:  (806) 803-5514

To reserve online use this link to book your group rate for Ogallala Commons

If you need help with your reservation call (806) 803-5500 for assistance.