Final summary

    This summer has been a great experience. I have enjoyed my internship very much and I am sad that it is over but I am also excited to see where I go from here.  I did several things during my internship and I enjoyed doing all of them.

    One of my main projects I worked on during my internship was setting up a community garden for my county. The first few days of my internship I did a lot of research on how to build raised garden beds for the garden and what a community garden needs to be successful. For the community garden I also made the registration and rules sheet so people could sign up for the community garden and I mapped out the community garden to scale. I also made a tri-fold poster that showed a picture of the map and shared details about the community garden and I put it up in our local Extension Office.

Finding out how to map the garden and then ordering all of the wood and supplies needed to build the garden was challenging and took some time but everything worked out nicely in the end. After all of the supplies came in I built all ten raised beds for the garden in two days and they turned out pretty good. During my internship I didn’t get a chance to build  the fence for the community garden and I’m sad that I won’t be able to see the end product of the garden but I’m glad that I got the garden started and I had a major part in making the garden a reality.

Another project that I worked on was making community videos and uploading them onto a YouTube account that I made. I made three videos during my internship. The first one was a slideshow with pictures of the town and events that go on in the town. The second video showed the three restaurants that are in the town and interviewed the owners. The last video was a video that interviewed five people about what a community is, what their community has to offer, and why people should move to their community.

I was very happy that I was able to make a few videos with a semi-pro video editing software. I had several ideas for videos and I was glad I got to make a few of those. Making these videos were frustrating at times because the video editing software would freeze and shut down and I would lose everything I was working on but I kept working and I got the videos done. Making these videos taught me a lot about editing and producing and I really enjoyed making them.

Working with my community and supervisor went very well. I always had clear communication with my supervisor and that allowed me to get things done. I worked a lot with my community and extension office during fair week. I worked with the extension office and community all week to set up the fair and work the fair. I always got along with everybody and communicated well.

Overall my internship was great. I helped start a community garden, I made videos to inform the world about my community, and I helped set up for the fair and worked the fair. I had fun during my internship and learned a lot. I also met several people throughout my internship. I’ll miss my internship but I’m ready to see what comes next. I had fun and I am so glad that I got the opportunity to do this internship.

Me building raised garden beds
Me building raised garden beds
A picture of one of the videos I made
A picture of one of the videos I made

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