Final Final Blog

Finishing my internship, I will be working full time with First Nations Development Institute. So far I had been working with coordinating events for our LEAD conference and also helping NEO Philanthropy with their conference in Buffalo Thunder. next month. In this past month I have gotten a lot more experience in contacting people and also figuring out contracts for events that need to be planned. I have made contacts with the transportation, entertainment, and planned out a cultural tour for 76 people. It has been great to be able and gain more responsibility and have to keep track of deadlines.

I am looking forward to my full time position with First Nations because I will be able to gain more skills and strengthen them in every aspect to be as useful and productive as possible. I would like to learn more about the event coordinating to where I would be able to plan an event by myself. I would like to also get more involved with the program work and other aspects of the organization. I had a chance to learn about HUD work and found that to be fairly interesting to me so I would like to learn more about the importance of it.

Along with this, I was also working on the evaluations post LEAD conference. I would like to eventually be able to use my skills from statistics to be able and compile a better look at the information or also be able to have a better understanding of some of the information. I have also thought of designing other surveys for evaluations that could rule out some of the confounding variables and word questions in a way that may lead to more helpful answers. There are a few other things that I had thought about working on since starting my internship so I look forward to doing that in the future. PictureLEAD PictureLEAD2

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