final experiences

Greetings interns, apprentices, supervisors, and peers,
As this summer internship comes to a close, I would like to share what experiences and skills I have developed over the summer. This internship is one I look forward to doing again soon as I grow and mature. During this internship, I have also gained many new friends that have helped me more often than none this summer. Bailey Adams and I had the best time during our internship, going on several trips with 4-H and being leaders for a change. Being able to have done this internship gives me a sense of accomplishment.
My supervisor, Calley Runnels, set me up with several days of job shadowing different departments of my community so that I could see and understand what they do and how their job effects the community. The departments of which I was able to job shadow include City of Tulia Water and Sewage, Tulia Power and Light, Tulia Police Department and Dispatch. City of Tulia Code Enforcement, Tulia Chamber of Commerce, and Swisher Electric Cooperative.
I am in the process of becoming a County Extension agent and to fallow my dream. Being able to work with extension throughout most of my internship helped me gain a greater knowledge for what all extension does and why they do it. Being with both the AG agent and the FCS Agent during the summer gave me a clearer understanding as to what they do for the community and not just in the 4-H program.
My community service project was putting together 2 great garden boxes for the Mid Tule Village. This project benefitted the residence by being able to garden fresh vegetables without bending over or straining too hard. The most challenging part of this project was cost. The budget for the project was only $175 dollars, so I was on the hunt for donations of materials and soil. Thanks to Tim and Amber Cowan of Happy, the cross ties they donated were put to great use. Soilmenders also donated the mulch and soil for the boxes.
Lastly, the Summer Lunch Program for the inner city welfare kids was very rewarding to me because I was able to give back to the community in a small, yet effective way. Playing a game of bingo my first week there was the highlight of my week. I was more scared then than speaking in front of a large crowd. Overall, this internship has been a major part of my life and will remain that way. I look forward to my next internship with Ogallala Commons in the near future.

Bailey and I at the Distict 2 4-H H2O camp at Caprock Canyons State Park.
Bailey and I at the Distict 2 4-H H2O camp at Caprock Canyons State Park.


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