Final blog

Throughout the course of my internship I have completed 300 hours at the First National Bank of Quitaque in Tulia. Within those 300 hours I learned something new everyday, not only was it banking material that I was learning but also skills and knowledge to help my personal growth as well. 

When I started my internship I was very nervous to work at a bank for the simple fact of having to deal with people and their money. My first week working there I stayed in my comfort zone and didn’t really speak to people but as time passed I was able to step out of my comfort zone. I learned how to do teller work and in order to do teller work you must speak to people as they drive up to the window, which I feel I was able to 

Another achievement that I had from working at the bank was being able to learn something new everyday. For some that may not be a big deal but I am really grateful and appreciative of it. Before this internship I didn’t know much about banking at all but while working at the bank I learned general principals about interest rates and what to consider when looking at interest rates and terms on loans. Something people probably fail to realize is that there is more to banking than taking deposits, withdrawals and preparing loans, there is stuff that goes on behind the scenes of a bank that many do not get to see often.Everyday the tellers have to balance the drawers, that means they have to make sure all the money that they gave out that day matches the amount of money that they still have in their drawer, I learned that it is easier said than done to make sure everything balances everyday. I have also come to the conclusion that  as a banker you have to be able to think logically over emotionally most of the time.  

I also learned alot about loans and the different kinds of loans there are ranging from home loans to business loans. During my internship I had opportunities to meet with many great individuals as well. 

This opportunity has allowed me to develop many leadership skills also. I was taught that many successful people use this technique; always greet people and work to remember their name and something about them. By doing this it allows you to personalize your experience with the person, helps them feel more comfortable, and it helps you stand out. I have also come to realize that there are many high stress days when working in a bank (or anywhere) but there is always a little good in those days. I was reminded to try to remember the good in those days or the stress will overwhelm you completely. 

I have gained many life and banking skills, developed many professional connections, and achieved many personal accomplishments through this internship. I am truly thankful and grateful for the opportunity to do this internship and I am extremely thankful to the ladies I worked with. They have taught me so much and have helped me learn through my many mistakes, my experience would not have been the same without them.

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