Final Blog

I am halfway done with my bachelor’s degree. This is the point in your life where everyone wants to know what you are gonna do after college or what you want to do with your degree. Before this summer began I was very clueless about what I wanted my future to look like. This internship allowed me to go to different businesses every week and get a feel for many different occupations. This internship was exactly what I needed in my professional life.

It was difficult to have one specific goal in this internship due to the fact that I was never at one business for very long. I have, however, continued to help out the Happy Toy Maker with his social media posts. It is my goal for him to build a large social media platform through Instagram. I think that his products are very unique and have the potential to be extremely popular across the United States. It is my goal to continue to gain followers on his account and also to create posts that will attract new customers.

I think the skill I improved the most during this internship was my communication skills. I was around some many different types of people in different settings. It was important to first assert myself as a professional and not just some silly girl. Then it was important to make connections with different people. I was around children, moms, dads, the elderly, sick people, the boss, people that did not speak English, and many others. I think being thrown into a different business every week made me stay on my toes by constantly being introduced to new people.

Now that this internship has ended I am heading back to my college town to find a job. Throughout this internship, I have made serval connections that could possibly lead to jobs. The advantage of working at several businesses that I made that many more connections. I feel like the more people you know the better. I am very thankful I was accepted into the program. I think that there are so many benefits from this that I have still not seen.

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