Final Blog

I started out my internship with the plans of bettering my communication with the doctors, better teamwork skills, and professionalism. I was able to watch the nurses that I was following throughout the days on how they communicated with the doctors. Each doctor has a different affect so to be able to communicate with them, just takes time. I felt that the more time that I spent with the doctors, I was able to communicate with them. With building more teamwork skills takes time with getting to know the different members that make up the team. I was able to create the bonds with the different departments I was in and work as a team. Having a variety of individuals, they all bring different qualities to the table to better the job. To better my professionalism skills, I observed the nurses that I were following. Each one had a different domineer but each was professional in their work. They did not talk about other patients inappropriately and would talk to others if they were having a problem.


During the internship I had a lot of opportunity to witness different events that occur in a hospital. I got to be in vaginal deliveries, c-sections, colonoscopy’s, EGD’s, traumatic vehicle accident off interstate, and well checkups in the clinics. In each department I saw teamwork among the nurses as how they communicate amongst themselves and the doctors. I felt that in the clinics I was able to perform more skills. In the speciality clinic I got to get vitals and do EKG’s. In the Family Center Clinic I got to obtain vitals, give injects, and attempt to start Iv’s. While on the floor I faced a challenge within myself because I was not able to perform any skills that a CNA wasn’t allowed too. That challenge was had to face because while being able and wanting to practice, I couldn’t, I could only observe. Throughout my internship I have gotten to see nurses in different actions of work. While observing different areas of work, it makes it easier for myself to see where in nursing my heart is pulling me. Once the nurses knew what I could do and was capable of doing, they would let me have more freedom in performing skills that a CNA, could do. I would recommend any person that is experiencing and not sure what they want to do in life, that they do the internship through Ogallala Commons in the area they are more connected with.

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