Farm Stand/Food Tech

]Oh my only a few days into the apprenticeship and there is so much to do! So far I’ve been working on the market, specifically trying to get a greater variety of veggies, but that’s almost impossible in the middle of winter. I am also working on a marketing plan for the Farm Stand for the winter and summer season. So far it’s going great! Just so much typing to do but it’s worth it. Other than working on the market during my apprenticeship, I will be training to become a food technician. So basically what a food technician does at TCEDC is help community members who want to start a small food business start their small food business. I will be helping new and current clients by showing and working with them on required paperwork needed for their business, conducting water tests and pH tests on their products, and assist in selling their products through the Taos Farm Stand Market and other markets in New Mexico. I am also learning about the different cooking and packaging equipment in the TCEDC Food Center to see what machines could help our clients, as well as to see if our equipment needs to be updated or fixed. While running the market and training to be a food technician are the focal points of my apprenticeship, I will also be helping out with events and many other things/projects TCEDC will be taking on. I’m so excited about all the new things I’ll be learning and experiences I’ll be having!

Doing a water test :) Doing a water test :)[/caption

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