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Welcome to Wichita County! This is the place to be for it has all of the commonwealth assets. Leoti is the one stop town to find everything a person needs. Do you have a family or kids? If so, stop by the school with excellent teachers and staff who are interested in giving their students the best education. There’s also tons of recreation opportunities for both children and adults. Sports  activities are continuous all year long through both the school and rec sports for the youth. Wichita County puts on numerous of adult and family activities such as the Wichita County Fair, Open House for Christmas, and Wind & Wheels. Like running and exercising instead of social events? Check out the rec center or sign up for 5K events.


In an emergency do not panic or fear. Leoti has a volunteer fire station, EMTs, Wichita County Hospital, and a Health Center. Leoti even has community tornado shelters available.


One of the tornado shelters is in the Museum, where the history of Wichita County and of the Kansas plains is put on display. If you want more history on Leoti and the people who used to live here, visit the Washington-Ames House. With over six different churches in Wichita County, one is sure to be the right fit for you. Leoti has a strong community of church leaders that help each other with fundraisers or events to get the youth involved.

Going out on country roads is perfect for those that like wide open spaces. Be careful not to run into any deer, pheasants, or other wildlife running around. You can’t miss the wind turbines either that are on the edge of the county line. Everywhere you drive there will most likely be fields surrounding you since we are a big farming community. There is even a Farmer’s Market that people can buy and sell homemade goods or homegrown fruits and vegetable.

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Wichita County has turned into my home over the years. It is a community that feels like an extended family since everyone knows everyone and we all come together to help each other out. I love being a part of Leoti because it is not just a town, but because it has been my home from when I was little to now as I go off to college.


To access the room block by phone use “Ogallala Commons Room Block” at:  (806) 803-5514

To reserve online use this link to book your group rate for Ogallala Commons

If you need help with your reservation call (806) 803-5500 for assistance.