My first experiences as an intern I worked at Tulia Junior high. I not only worked at the Junior high but at the High school and elementary school as well. I helped the secretaries in the office by doing some office work.

Most of the work I did was filing papers and shredding papers. I filed various types of papers such as; absent notes, doctors notes, and confidental time sheets. The filing at each school is different, every school had a different amount of filing needing to be done. The Jr. High had the most filing needed, I had to file aphabetically for 240 students, and file time sheets aphabetically for 25 teachers.

The high school had the most papers that needed to be shredded. At the schools you can only keep confidental papers up to five years. I shredded boxes and boxes full of papers.

I’ve also helped with the local lunch program at the elementary school. The lunch program allows children to come and eat healthy food, and learn about nutrition. For the lunch program it’s important to know how many children come each day to eat. While I helped at ,the cafeteria I counted the number of children that came each day. The numbers ranged from 80 children to 30 children.  The more children  that go to the cafeteria, the better it is for the program. As I helped with the program I realized the program was very benefictal, each day many of the same children came to eat at the cafeteria. My first experiences have been great for me.

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