Everyone Deserves A Little Help :)

My ten hours of community service was definitely a tough experience. Community service is all “hands on” and learning more about the people who need help in your community. It is also about giving back to those who are always giving to those in need.

I have been helping with events here and there and assisting people in need. Part of my Community Service hours was assisting disabled or elderly people. There was one client that was more than willing to help me with hours so she gave me things to do around her house. I drove one client to La Junta to pick up some prescription that she needed. I also did house clean up for a disabled lady, I had to wash her dishes, put away her laundry and other house chores. While their health care provider was out of town I volunteered to drive the client to Pueblo to set up a new bank account and go to Wal-Mart for needed materials and groceries. I also assisted an elder couple in their home; they needed some house work and clean up done so of course, I volunteered to help them. The couple asked me to reorganize and clean their kitchen and that took forever! But I still enjoyed working for them.

The reason I chose to help with elder and disabled people is because I wanted to make in difference in their life. Seeing them happy makes me happy. I love making someone’s day better. Disabled and Elderly people really don’t get enough respect these days; So I thought that if I helped them, it would show them that people still care.

Besides assisting elders and disabled people in my community, I decided to help those who just need a break sometimes.

My hometown Valley often holds many community events during the summer. There are many bands that play at some of these events. Usually the band members set up their equipment all by themselves and it’s a lot of equipment to unload, set up and load in the trailer all over again. Sure setting up and loading is part of the show but sometimes the band needs a break and some help. This part of my community service I helped a band called BTS (Behind The Scenes) unload their equipment at the venue and carry it to the stage. Then after I helped tear down the equipment. I carried light speakers, rolled up cords, put mics away, take the drums apart and load the stuff back into the trailer. Helping the band was really fun because I got to talk and make friends and listen to music.

I learned so much about individual people in my community during my community service part of the internship. It was tough but I had a great experience. I now have good friendships all because of a little help.

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