En la Epoca de Tecnologia: My Work with OC and KSRE

With my internship, I’ve been working with the Hispanic community to introduce technology in their daily lives. This internship was much more focused than last year’s experience with a single driven goal. I was inspired by my experience teaching a computer class to a community in Lakin. I wasn’t the leading instructor back then, so this new experience required much more planning.

Initially, Kansas State Research and Extension had a freeze on home visits, which limited me to phone conversations and interactions. This form did not yield much participation and work was slow before the week of July 4th, which introduced a new set of challenges. Kansas State allowed home visits with masks required and equipment used by participants needed to be cleaned and sanitized before and after each visit.

A participant who struggled with copy and paste is now able to schedule new appointments by email.

In my second blog, I discussed more about the challenge with equipment participants. However, a new challenge presented when I continued with these participants beyond the basic “copy and pasting photos” lesson I began teaching. My students needed to learn enough to start asking questions, and I enjoyed watching their curiosity unfold. While I cannot continue this work in the future, I found an end goal as I wrap up this experience. My goal is to give my students the ability to search for more information, and to create a YouTube channel (link will be provided soon) to fill in the gaps of my teaching. In the future, I would also like to use my experience to help other local groups teach this information.

This experience has inspired me to continue this work on my own time. And I hope to reach more individuals in the future.

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