Emily Heitschmidt’s 4th Blog Post

Over the course of the internship, I have been working every other weekend at the local food pantry in Nazareth. This usually takes about two hours and takes place on Saturdays. The main job that I have done is to help bag food items and carry them out to people’s cars when they arrive. I usually am accompanied by my brothers, who are just as happy to help as I am. Working at the Holy Family Food Pantry has impacted me because it shows that I can make a direct change in people’s lives by offering up just a few hours each day. My brothers and I are constantly thanked by the elder members at the food pantry, saying that they couldn’t do this job without our help. I have enjoyed every bit of the time I have spent working at the food pantry, and I plan to continue helping there even after my internship is over. Seeing the direct impact of my actions is very moving, and knowing that I have helped others who are less fortunate has changed my outlook on life.

Another community service project that I have helped with is the Kyler Clark memorial. One year ago there was a classmate of mine who passed away. My class raised money at the end of the year, and this summer we have been working on building a memorial at the Nazareth School for Kyler. We have planted a tree in honor of our classmate, and we are in the process of setting up an area for a park bench. Most recently, we have leveled the ground to prepare for pouring concrete in the area. We are all very excited to complete the memorial, and we all believe that it will honor our classmate in the best way possible.

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