Emily Heitschmidt’s 3rd Blog Post

After thoroughly searching the community of Nazareth, I have discovered some of the commonwealth assets being displayed in the town where I live. One of the most vivid is the distinct culture of Nazareth. Driving through Nazareth, one may see just a few houses and a convenience store, but as somebody who has grown up here, I have witnessed firsthand the many aspects that make Nazareth unique. For example, the German Catholic heritage that runs through the citizens is clear because Nazareth is a very religion-based community. The tight-knit relationships of its members are obvious when we hold community events, such as the local German Fest celebration, when everybody pitches in and helps to make the celebration a success. The history of the town of Nazareth is interesting in itself, as it was founded over a hundred years ago and has greatly developed in the years since. Nazareth was founded by German Catholics, which explains the deep Catholic roots in our town. Nazareth also gives its members a sense of place through the shared love for agriculture and basketball. Almost every member of the community it tied to agriculture in some way. There are many students who are involved in the local FFA chapter or have parents who farm or raise livestock. Basketball also helps our community members bond by sharing a common goal, which is rooting for the girls basketball team to win yet another state basketball championship title each year. These common loves and interests are what makes Nazareth unique, and these commonwealth assets give Nazareth a solid foundation as a community.

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