Dylan Schrowang: Blog 3

In our small town community of Silverton, Texas, you wouldn’t think that there was much to offer in common wealth aspects, but we always find a way to prove them wrong. Around our 700+ population town, we have three of the twelve key aspects that stand out to me; Spirituality, History, and Sense Of Place. Spirituality really stands out to me because other than going to church or a junior bible study on your early Sunday mornings, we offer little things around the town. For example we have “Rock Salt”, which is one of our youth bible studies and community center for all ages that takes place on Wednesday nights. Another subject the stands out in our community is the way we show the history of it. In a way, seeing all of the old, rundown buildings and construction sights shows how big and prosperous our town used to look. Some examples like we used to have a movie theater, grocery store, and even a mattress store are either ruined and used for storage, or have been torn torn down and used for a potential building sight. And finally we have come to my third and final aspect of common wealth; Sense Of Place. This aspect stood out most to me and I would hope the entirety of the townsfolk as well because to me “Sense Of Place” means making a little place like this, that’s barely visible on the map feel like home or a home of something bigger and more vast. this was my my third blog and I hope that you have enjoyed my opinion on our small towns common wealth aspects.

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