Crazy changes, like everyone else: A third Bio of Joe Mendoza

Much like everyone else, I’ve been dealt a strange set of changes. In the time after my last internship, I continued my education in chemical engineering. Through that time, I learned that I would prefer to wait until education could be in person once again. So, I am taking a break and taking time to work once again with Ogallala Commons. As such, I have come back to my hometown in rural Kansas and plan to work towards my goals in a different direction.

The place I live in is unique for a rural area with our large population of immigrants, as I have mentioned before. This includes my parents, who came from Mexico before I was born. I was raised with English as my first language with a small amount of Spanish in my lexicon. In my second internship, I was focused on teaching computer classes in Spanish to have a great opportunity to expand my functional vocabulary, now I intend to continue growing in my knowledge. I will be working with Ogallala Commons to translate their materials on the Commonwealth, which will offer me a chance to improve my ability to write in my second language. As someone who has been involved in many volunteering as a kid, I would miss this public service aspect in my life as I make my way into a future job in chemical engineering, so I was excited at the opportunity to have a chance to use and improve my skills.

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