Community Spotlight On Local Producers

My internship for the summer can be summarized as a journalism internship. I am traveling to surrounding counties in the Texas Panhandle, and interviewing local food producers. I ask them a series of questions, then once I have enough information, I write a short blog revolving around the producer, and their project. To begin, I had to research and find local food producers I could get in contact with at farmers markets. Once I found enough information, and plenty of producers, I organized an Excel Spreadsheet where I could basically form a schedule on when and where the food producers are available. So far, I have traveled to Hedley, Texas where I was able to get in contact with a family that grows and oversees a peach farm. However, peaches are not the only thing they grow when in season. They have a variety of fruits, vegetables, jams, and many more items at their stands. In addition to this, I was able to get in contact with a local food producer in Turkey, Texas through email. She informed me that she grows and sells vegetables to her community, as well as jellies. This has been a great start for my internship. For the next few weeks, I will be traveling to Clarendon, Texas, and other towns in the surrounding counties to visit farmers markets. There I will try to interview a handful of people growing and selling their own products. I believe the main purpose of my internship is to shine the light on local producers that are giving back to their community. I am excited to dive deeper into my internship as the summer continues.

Tomatoes at Monroe’s Peach Stand
Jams from Monroe’s Peach Stand

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