Community Service

community serviceMeals on Wheels

For community service, I volunteered with two different organizations. I started out with Meals on Wheels. Meals on Wheels are an organization that delivers meals to individuals and families that need assistance. My first day volunteering was the day after we had straight winds come through, knocking over power lines,  poles, and trees; not to mention all of the trampolines that were blown from backyards into the streets. We set out at 10:30 a.m. to begin the delivery process and as we drove further to the outskirts of town the damage caused by the wind the night before was devastating. Roofs were torn from the homes or collapsed into the homes, power lines were down so no one had any electricity and this day of all days was an eighty-five to ninety degree day. Seeing the condition of the neighborhoods was the hardest part of this program. We were just there to deliver a meal, but so much more needed to be done. On a brighter note, these individuals and families were so thankful for their small sack lunch consisting of a sandwich, chips, and a cookie. This experience opened my eyes to how much this community needs to reach out and try to help others with more than just food assistance. I did meals on wheels twice before I had to choose a different place to do my community service with. Unfortunately, Meals on Wheels took place on Monday’s when I was scheduled for clinical hours at the hospital.

For the remainder of my hours I volunteered with the Pampa High School cheerleaders. This may seem dull in comparison to the Meals on Wheels project; however, this group of girls has a special place in my heart. I chose to work with this group of girls not only because my little sister is one of them, but also because this age group tends to have a very negative self image. My goal with these girls is to help them stay fit, and make smart decisions. They are the “leaders” of the school because everyone will know their face from football games and pep-rally’s. I have been working with them to promote positive attitudes and for them to have more confidence. By doing this my hope is that they will not feel like that have to cave into peer pressure to be liked and fit in.

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