Community Service With Books and Kids

This summer I have had the wonderful opportunity to help out the county library with their summer reading program. The theme this year was “Every Hero Has A Story.” Not only did the kids learn about superheros, but they also learned that everyday people can be a hero too. Each week offered the kids a chance to learn about a hero. However, the kids had to go through superhero boot camp first.

summer intern blog pic 9intern blog pic 10

After boot camp they had a different speaker come talk to them about what makes them a superhero. One week it was moms and another week it was teachers. The EMS came this past week and talked to the kids about what they do and how they help save lives. They even brought an ambulance along and gave the kids a ride in it. The next couple of weeks there will be policemen and their police dogs and firefighters coming in to talk to the kids. Not only are the kids excited but so are the grown ups.summer intern blog pic 7 or 8

I’ve been helping out with keeping the kids on tract and paying attention to our speakers, helping them with projects, and checking in and out books. When someone gets done with their books they have to tell me about them so that I can write down that they read those books. It’s been challenging trying to get through all of the kids while checking their books in and out. Luckily the library staff is amazing and know all of the children’s names and can help me out.

This has been a fun experience and I loved working with the kids and with books. I’m hoping that I can continue helping out the library and volunteering more often for different events and organizations once school starts up too. You can check out the Wichita County Library’s page on Facebook to see more photos of the activities and speakers from this summer’s reading program.

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