Community Service : Vanessa Beltran

One of the main community service projects that I am involved in is the High Plains Food Distribution. During this project, we go down to Quitaque, Texas. A big truck comes and brings all sorts of food such as onions, lettuce, baked goods, drinks, and fruits. Then we bring all the food that is distributed to Silverton and we bring it back to Silverton and we go to the county barn and set up tables and put the food on the tables and people from around town come and get the food that they need. After this, we go around and deliver boxes and we deliver them to people that can’t come out of the house as much, such as the elderly.

I chose to do this community service. It makes me feel good about helping out the people in our town that aren’t as blessed with as much food as others. I also do this for people to know that the community cares about them. The most challenging part of this community service is the weather and how it is so hot. This impacted me and my community because everyone gets the food that they want and this affected me by feeling good about people getting food and being able to eat.

The other community service that I do is I went to Matador, Texas. I went two days after the tornado had just struck Matador. I went and organized items such as hygiene items, body care items, flashlights, water, and first aid kits. Then, when people would come that were affected by the tornado we would help them carry items to their vehicles. I chose to do this to show support for the areas that are affected by disasters. The most challenging part was entering the town and seeing the damage that had occurred. This benefited the community by having many volunteers to help out organize and distribute items to those that were affected. I benefited by having a memory of helping out a community that was affected by a tornado.

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