Community Service Project

By: Bailee Baggerman

During my internship, it was mandatory to do at least ten hours of community service. For my community service, I chose to volunteer for Meals on Wheels in Tulia, TX. At first, I was kinda nervous to start this project but it soon turned out to be my favorite part of my internship. I would take a break from work every day at 10:45 and get to get out of the office and see other people.

I would show up at the Senior Citizens building at 10:45 and help pack up the van with coolers full of meals and cartons of milk for the elderly customers. As the driver would make their way to the first house I would pack a bag with the main course, a piece of bread, a carton of milk, and a dessert. Once the van would park next to the house I would either walk into the house and place the bag where the customer would want it or hand it to them at the front door. My favorite place to deliver meals to was Mid Tule Village. I had been working there that week so it was nice to get to visit with the residents and hear all of their stories. I also liked getting to see all the customers on our route because they got used to me coming in and giving them their meals and it was nice to see their smiling faces every day.

I would definitely help with Meals on Wheels again. I enjoyed getting to talk with all the volunteers I learned so much from them and they were great company. Meals on Wheels is looking for volunteers every day. It is hard for them to get people to volunteer because of people having jobs and not being able to get off to come help so it was nice to be able to help even if it was for just a little while.

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