Community Service in Custer County

When I found out that I was going to be doing some community service in Custer County over the summer I wanted to make sure it was something that I would not normally do. I also wanted to do something that would benefit the whole county, not just one community. So I decided to reach out to the extension office and ask to help with the entry days. I got to help with the Clothing Entry Day and the Static Entry Day.

Clothing Entry Day

During the Clothing Entry Day, I was in charge of one of the check-in tables. Each 4-Her came to my table and signed up for a time to interview with the judge and then I gave them their label and comment sheet. Then when the judges were ready they got to show off what they made. There were so many cute outfits in so many styles and colors. The day was kind of long but it was fun and I was able to chat with people that I have not seen since my days as a 4-Her.

Static Entry Day

I was able to do a similar job during the static entry day I even got to check-in my favorite category, heritage. Kids in this category are able to take a family heirloom and refurnish or upcycle it to use it for something different. One 4-Her took her grandma’s old highchair and refurnished it. She is planning to be able to give it to one of her sisters when they start having kids. All the kids had really cool projects and I’m glad that I was able to help out at some of the busiest days of the county fair.

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