Community Service in Amarillo

For the past few months, I have been spending my time with a local community organization called Food not Bombs Amarillo, that meets every Saturday in Elwood Park. This amazing group provides meals, clothing, car rides and any essential basic care needs that our local homeless community is in dire need of. I was first introduced to this group by a close friend and they had asked if I would be interested in helping on weekends to support their cause. After one day, my heart was opened to this wonderful compassionate project that is making a difference in changing people’s lives. Through service learning, I have participated in projects to help or serve the needs of others by doing the work and experiencing the value and impact of giving to the people and providing assets to become productive members of our society.

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One of the positive aspects of this experience is seeing the opportunity’s that is given to people who want a change in their lifestyle. There are many services in our city that will help assist them in getting off the street but there are always obstacles that keep them from moving forward, like alcohol or drug dependencies or acquiring a personal id to apply for employment. It’s with these basic necessities that Food not Bombs and their partners, Yellow City Community Outreach provide in order for the movement to make an impact in solving the homeless issue in our city. It’s with these partnerships, we can make change in people’s everyday lives.

With this experience, I have learned what civic responsibility means in our community and would like to encourage the public to not only donate in services that are in need, but to also take the time to immerse themselves into the issues that affect our community.

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