Community Service for my Faith

Hello again fellow readers,

When I was doing community service I wanted to make a difference but do something I enjoy. So I decided to do my community service at my local church, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. It was so amazing that I got to be one of the ones that got to make a difference and a great impact in the younger generation of our faith and that I got to see them grow and learn through the year! It was a blessing for the church to let me go ahead and help teach the kids for two years. I also went to run copies and clean sometimes. It was a great experience and I enjoyed being called Mr. Tony! I don’t hear that a lot. It’s sad that that part of my life has already ended but that was a great year that I spent with them!

The class or group of students I taught were making something called their first communion. This is one of our great milestone blessings we Catholics make. We call these milestones: sacraments. These sacraments are very important in our faith and me helping them make this sacrament was a great honor.

Maybe if I have time later in the future I would volunteer again but right now I am super busy right now juggling two jobs, involved with an organization that feels like a third job, but for sure I will think about it!

Peace out y’all,

Tony Lee Hernandez

FOR SUPERVISORS AND COORDINATORS: This was done at a long extended period of time the hours were logged onto a paper. You can contact the church or me if you have any questions about my hours.

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