Community Service Food not Bombs



For my community service work, I decided to work with a group that I have donated my time to in the past. There are many programs that we can choose from but I think that staying with a particular group consistently not only helps the organization but it also helps build relationships. I decided to donate my time to Food not Bombs because I believe in this organization and the people who back it. For the past couple of years, the same individuals have dedicated themselves to feeding the homeless at Elwood park. I have worked with the same people who have taken time out of their everyday lives to make sure the less fortunate always have a warm meal to eat. They not only help feed this individuals, they will also help in connecting them with services that our city provides, like clothing or assisting them in getting the basic necessities that they might need. There has also been individuals that have branched off to start their own organization that helps get them into housing by assisting them with getting them the essentials to rent a home, apartment or vehicle that requires identification or a drivers license. But I think one of the main services we provide is an ear and the time to listen to everyone’s situation and having compassion is a big part of Food not Bombs.

This group has always had a place in my heart because of their determination and dedication that each person provides in this particular group. It is not always easy to see the suffering in the world, but I believe we can make a difference by doing volunteer work in our community because in the end, it will benefit us all by helping every individual that is in need.



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