Community Service: Blog 4

Here in Swisher County, since we are a smaller county it is never ever hard to find someone to help. My community service consists of two different projects. One was helping with a county bike ride. This bike ride has been going on for ten years now. It is a bike ride in memory of Aaron Ross. We have the race to honor him because ten years ago he was in an accident and was killed while riding his back. He was very involved with everyone in our county and was very well known. So we put on a ride in honor of him. There are different routes you can take and some are shorter than others. For example, there is one that is only three miles and you can run, walk or bike and that is just in the town of Tulia Texas. Then there is a 33.5 mile, 53 mile, and 78.3-mile route. With that long of a route, they need the community’s help to set up different rest stops for the bikers. Since I am also involved with my 4-h club, I offered to help hand out fruits, drinks, and snacks. Everyone, there was always doing something when we had bikers at the stop. Whether it was holding their bike while they stretch, or getting them water for the road, or picking up their trash when they are done. I really enjoyed it because I know they do it every year and I will continue to help whenever I can in the years to come. The other project I did for my community service hours is to help serve the elderly at our local picnic lunch. We always have a big parade in our county where there are different floats and stands for class reunions. They always serve a big BBQ lunch, but if they are not able to get up and carry their plate they sit in a designated area to be served. They always need people’s help to come and grab their tickets and get them a plate. I am a cheerleader and my squad and I decided to stay and help serve meals. The elderly were very thankful for the help along with the people who were in charge of the meal. I enjoyed it all because I felt like I made a difference even if it was a small project. I will continue to help in the community because everyone needs help at different times and it makes an impact. 

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