Community Service

I have participated in many great projects thus far in my internship.  I organized various community projects in high school. When I went to college, I did multiple philanthropic events through the Delta Zeta sorority.  I was excited when I found out that we would have to complete ten hours of community service.

I decided to complete my hours by helping with the Swisher County Picnic.  I chose this project because I wanted to do my hours locally and I love attending the picnic every year. In past years, I have been a participant in various ways.   I wanted to see what it was like being on the other side this time; the part that organizes, sorts out the details of the planning, and implementing the many activities that occur during the week-long event.   It was definitely a learning experience and I learned about all the time and hard work that many volunteers dedicate to make sure the picnic is a huge success.

I had the opportunity to help with Pokey the Clown’s Junior Ranch Rodeo.  I helped Pokey set up everything and was one of the timers for the event.  The Junior Ranch Rodeo was for 3-16 year olds, the oldest child we had though was 12.  All the kids had a blast, I enjoyed watching them.

I also got to help cut 100 pounds of onions.  Yes, you read that right.  I cut lots and lots of onions.  I started crying at the fifty pound mark and could not stop after that.  I also helped  4-H decorate the float for the parade.  I love participating in hands-on activities; I got to decorate the boot piñata.  I rode on the float for the parade as well.  I was surrounded by kids and 4-H, just a few of my favorite things.  I had just as a good time as the kids did.

Every year, my dad and I sell tickets for the meal at the event.  I enjoy interacting and conversing with people.  I also perfected my skills on counting back change; this was good for me since I want to be a math teacher.

I loved helping with the Swisher County Picnic.  It was a good experience and I am glad I chose that to be my project.  I have had so much fun in this internship and cannot wait to finish the rest of my projects

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