Community Service

I did my community service with more than one organization, HK 2020 in Plainview, TX and Habitat for Humanity in Amarillo, TX. Both organizations are wonderful and have truly rewarding purposes.

HK 2020 is an organization centered on having kids stay active and beating obesity. Obesity is a growing problem in our communities. Kids get out of the house less and less these days. We have a society centered on T.V, computers, and video games. HK 2020 promotes activity and requires each member bring a list of activities they have preformed within a certain time frame in order to earn a pin for that month. The kids are also weighed and measured on a quarterly basis in order for their weight to be tracked. The kids are taught with choices to make in order to live a health lifestyle. My community service experience with HK 2020 was at one of their monthly meetings. This meeting was arraigned so a painter in the area had an opportunity to teach the kids how to paint objects using watercolor. The kids had a blast. They were very excited to learn the different aspects of shadowing and how to use colors to make different pictures.

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Habitat for Humanity is an organization that builds houses for people who wouldn’t otherwise have the means to purchase a house. The people who receive these houses have worked several hours on other houses in order to earn their own house. I had the privilege to work on the 99th house built in the Amarillo area. The house I worked on was mostly built except for interior fixtures. I helped prime the walls for the paint and even got to paint the front door. On my second day with Habitat for Humanity, I helped to paint the trim that went around the kitchen.


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