Community Service

By: Hunter Donovan

During my time completing an Ogallala Commons internship, I have had the opportunity to assist two organizations with two incredible community service projects. These projects have allowed me to grow numerous new skills while giving back and being a part of programs and initiatives much larger than myself.
The first project I helped with was helping to create and decorate period packs to be donated to women in homeless shelters. I was able to complete this project with other Colorado CTSO State Officers! This project truly was a lot of fun and taught me a lot about how fortunate I am. I feel the biggest challenge of this project was coordinating what products everyone has used in their bags previously. I truly believe that this project was able to benefit the community in several ways. I feel the main way this project was able to benefit the community is by providing products and support to those in need. This project impacted me as I was able to help Coloradans in need and challenge myself to open my mind and heart more.

The second project I was able to assist with was volunteering at Retread Threads. While volunteering, I spent a lot of my time steaming clothing items, hanging or tagging shirts, cleaning the interior and front of the store, and helping sort and clean donations. I believe the hardest part of this project was how straining it was on my body because the days were full of lots of standing and lifting. I chose to be involved in this community service project because I have always loved this nonprofit and I knew it would allow me to help others within the Haxtun community.

This project impacted me because it taught me the importance of hard work, taught me how to manage my time effectively, and allowed me to make connections while helping others. This project helps support my community because it provides clothing and other items to families in need at a low cost. Retread Threads also donates clothing to the Orphan Train and allows for others to receive warm clothes! Retread Threads also benefits the community by supporting those in need financially. I am so thankful for all the support and experiences I was given while completing my internship. I will never forget the lessons I learned while serving my community with these amazing projects. I am forever grateful for these experiences and those who help make everything possible!

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