Community Service

By: Lincoln Honaker

Over the course of my time working for Ogallala Commons and The City Of Borger, I have logged a total of 10 hours of community service. To accomplish this I chose 3 different tasks. The first task I completed was working with United Way to install guard rails on an elderly person’s driveway. For this, we had to drill into concrete and install screws into the rail to secure it. We then helped him by taking away heavy items in his backyard like a grill, an old dog house, and many other items. We also helped him trim bushes that were getting very out of hand. I chose this project because it helped a local member of my community who could not do these things himself. The guard rail also helps him stay safe since he has a very steep driveway and he has trouble walking.

The next part of my community service was spent helping a few teachers unpack classrooms. First I helped a teacher unload bags full of books from her car along with a few bookshelves. I’m glad I was there to help because she has a medical condition that does not allow her to exert much force so lifting heavy books is a problem for her. Next, I helped my history teacher/coach set up his classroom. I was excited to do this since he is one of my favorite teachers and has taught me a great deal about history. So I chose this in order to pay back the favor to our teachers.

Lastly, I helped our head strength and conditioning coach organize the weight room. This consisted of making sure every single rack had an exact number of weights on it, making sure the kettle and dumbbells were set up, and re-organizing all the weight trees in the room. I chose to do this because every single athlete in Borger uses this facility so it was nice to help everyone out.
I found none of my community services as hard. I actually really enjoyed doing all of it because it was a way that I could give back to people who were incapable of doing very physical tasks and I got to help all the other high school athletes.

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