Community Service

For my community service hours, I choose to volunteer my time to the Springfield Hospital in the Radiology Department and to the Baca County Fair and Rodeo. The hospital was in need of help because one of the Radiology Technicians was on vacation, so I decided I would volunteer my time back to them. During my volunteer hours at the hospital I entered orders, set exam rooms up for examinations, cleaned up the rooms after the examination was complete, and answered phone calls. I also helped make a new schedule with one of the Techs, and made disks for patients to take home with them. Although this was what I did for a lot of my internship, it felt different because I was volunteering my time rather than getting paid for it.

Cleaning up exam room.

When I volunteered at the Baca County Fair and Rodeo, I helped with the Mexican food dinner and the live entertainment that the fair puts on yearly. I helped fill the plates with food, brought food out for the servers when they were running low, served drinks, and helped clean up. The supper was very successful and the food was wonderful.

Serving food.

Most people dread this type of work, but I thought it was a good experience. It was great to see a lot of people that I know and serve them. Also, I loved getting to see families enjoying their time together at the county fair. The volunteer work has allowed me to give back to a lot of the community members that shaped me into who I am today. Both in the hospital and at the Mexican Supper I was helping families and that is what I love to do; help people. I did not have any challenges doing either one of these tasks and it was an overall great experience. I am very thankful for this opportunity and would definitely do it again.

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