Community Service

For my ten hours of community service, I worked in the Medicine Lodge Community Garden, volunteered at Habitat for Humanity, and assisted the Pre-K/Kindergarten class at Vacation Bible School. 

My service projects are varied, but they each touched an interest that I am passionate about. I am very passionate about providing a safe and affordable food shed for the community. Our community garden provides this for many people in and around Medicine Lodge. I attended several “work nights”, organized by Michael Stull, Delia Waller, and Karla Capansky, all who take on a great deal of responsibility and leadership each summer to make the garden successful. The rules of the garden are quite simple: 1. Choose your produce. 2. Weigh and record your takings. 3. Everyone is encouraged to contribute some time to the garden (weeding, fertilizing, etc.) before or after they partake in the goods. The garden work was not too challenging as it is something I enjoy and look forward to participating in. The tasks completed by the volunteer team keeps the plants healthy, therefore encouraging a bountiful crop! 

Karla Capansky and Michael Stull

In June I volunteered at Habitat for Humanity in Kansas City. One of the reasons I chose this project was to learn more about affordable housing. Housing isn’t only a problem in the city, and what I learned applies in rural communities as well. My projects occurred within the warehouse where I priced and organized items on the sale floor. The money earned from these items helps people build and become homeowners. The staff was very kind and instilled a sense of teamwork within the group of volunteers. 

Day 2 at Habitat for Humanity

Lastly, I have been assisting the Pre-K and Kindergarten class with Vacation Bible School (VBS) this week. This age group is a lot to handle, but it is so much fun to watch their young minds learn! The strongest benefits that come from VBS is the community these children get to experience and the development of a sense of spirituality.

Personally, I love community service and believe it is vital for our small communities to maintain a culture of learning and belonging. Giving back is the perfect way to remain grounded in the community and with yourself.

Community Service

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