Community Service

As of now, I’ve completed 5 hours of community service in hopes to finish this upcoming weekend. The other intern I work with and I decided to do yard work. I feel like it definitely took us more time to brainstorm what to do, advertise our free service, get our other friends to come out and help, and figure out what time would work best for all of our busy schedules.

Our first house had a lot of land. We went to a town about 10 minutes away from Dodge City. Wilroads Garden, the town we went to, has many small houses but with a lot of land for farming, gardening, and for farm life. When we first arrived, it was a lot to take in. The sides of the house were growing really tall weeds, the grass was overgrown, and the trees in the far distance were needing trimming. With the help of other friends and owners of the property, we finished only a small portion of what needed to be done in a span of 3 hours.

About 4 days later, we did yard work for a house inside of Dodge. The house had a lot less to do but the front of the house needed a lot of work. Weeds were running all over rose bushes as well as running over the porch, making it crack. Just cleaning up the very front of the house took 2 hours. We also picked up trash that had built up on the curb and anything left from the 4th of July.

Our future plan for the weekend is to clean up a ditch slightly outside of the City of Dodge City. We also plan to help organize the aftermath of a huge rummage sale in Dodge where the profits went to Circle of Hope, a cancer support group.

Camila Gonzalez, Main Street Intern

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