Community Service

While I do sometimes have a big heart and do things for the people around me like a homeless fundraiser these community service hours were not that. I just kept it simple and picked up trash for several hours every Sunday(my only day off). I was simply too busy and worn out from the twelve-hour workdays to make an elaborate community service project.

The service in the long run does not really help the community more or less push back on the disgusting habits of humans trashing everything. It honestly helped out the local wildlife more than the people living in it. Until it gets really windy again and trash from other places takes the trash I have picked up place.

Cleanliness is a very important thing the farther we are from it the farther from perfection we are as people human beings. Every one discards trash and no one is ever perfect but an important aspect to this planet is its beauty and the more we trash it the more it affects more than your local almost extinct species. It effects our well being greatly.

Imagine the movies set in a disgusting future full of smug cramped trashy cities( I imagine the 1982 Blade Runner). The filth has seeped into the being of the citizens of these cities and made most animals go extinct( they literally built synthetic animals). That could be our future if we are not careful. Rather than live in trash smog cramped spaces and dirtiness akin to rats I would rather protect what we have rather than destroy it.

However, my neighborhood was cleaner and I was satisfied in contributing to its cleanliness. I would recommend others clean more than their home or property. Even though the view outside my window is pavement and another couple of run-down homes it’s nice to not have as many eyesores in my area.

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