Community service

When I started my search for a community service program to volunteer with I had many options. I considered many things such as; volunteering at the goodwill, volunteering at the Driskill house, volunteering at a daycare, and volunteering in Dimmit at the middle school.
During my search I learned many things about some of the programs I was looking into. Although I did not volunteer with the program, the Goodwill is a very community based program and is great from swisher county. The Good will allows people in swisher county to donate any items they no longer have use for and resales the good and intact items for a very low price. The goodwill could be consider as a community garage sale open from 10am-3pm Monday through Friday (times on weekends vary). Something people fail to realize about the program is that it offers anyone on swisher county to come in once a month and fill a bag with whatever they like for free.
I also learned that the Driskill House is one out of nearly twenty-five rehabilitation facilities in swisher county. Before researching the program I thought the Driskill House only offered treatment to those with Alcohol or drug addiction, after some research I found that statement to be false. The Driskill house offers help for people with mental illnesses, eating disorders, PTSD and also helps people who have gone through sexual abuse and substance abuse. The rehab center has varies ways to help individuals in need, there is inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, couple therapy, short term substance abuse programs, family therapy, detox facility, motivational therapy as well as behavior modification.
Although all of these programs are amazing for the community and the individuals within it, I decided to do my community service at the middle school in dimmitt. One of the things I did during my community service is that I helped with a school supplies drive for the community. Many school supplies such as; pencils, crayons, spirals, pens, and backpacks were donated by companies and individuals to give to students for the up-coming school year. I found the drive to be very beneficial for families who were unable to buy the supplies needed for their children due to money problems or problems because of the pandemic.
Through my process of finding a program to volunteer with I learned the community is being helped in ways that many fail to realize. The Good Shepherd and Driskill House are only two of the many programs the area has to offer for the people. With a little research I’m sure anyone in need could find a community program to help them with any of their needs.

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