Community Service

Since the creation and retailing of plastics (around 112 years ago) we, humans, have been burying, burning, belittling and littering it anywhere and everywhere. Though I do worry that as I say everywhere, you(the reader) do not realize that I truly mean everywhere. Whether it is the wind that blows cans, half-full of coke gently into a bog(of course without spilling a drop) or it is that of man who’s prowess at the Olympic sport of littering is seconded by none, I frankly do not know. I do know, however, that even, waist-deep in mud, that can will remain pristine for years to come, even as it battles the slow ebbing tide and long dry seasons of pueblo, it will remain. However with service there is hope- as long as there are those who will sink through mud to retrieve a can, there will be those who are lazier and smarter and who can make cans that disappear. I truly enjoy helping the world around me be a little more plastic free, its become a hobby for me. Walking and picking up trash is like meditation.

Strange garbage art that someone left for me to pick up
Beautiful picture of an eagle that I took during my community service

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