Community Service

I did my community service in two places. The first one was VBS for the Methodist church of Silverton, and the second one was cleaning up the space for our new community center. During the my at VBS hours I helped my fellow church members with the Kindergartners and First Graders. I had a blast with the kids because it was something that I always did as a kid myself. We helped out as far as helping teach the lesson, taught them the song they had to learn and dance to, we had REC and had snacks. I wasn’t the only one who helped out with VBS but I was the only one out the interns who helped. I always loved the week of VBS because it is also a time to help the little kids understand and learn about God and Jesus. That’s why they come every year and it is fun to see their faces everyday when we go in. This goes on for a week and we have a family night on Friday and we have a cook-out too and I got to help with that. Now as far as cleaning up the community center we all helped out with it. We started at 8 a.m. and ended at 12 p.m. we were all covered in dirt and bugs from cleaning up, moving bricks, and picking up the trash from the back of the building. From the four hours we was there we hauled about five truck full of bricks to the dumb and two trailers full of junk that was around the building. We did this twice for 8 hours of community service the whatever other hours we had to make up we made them up at Rodeo Weekend at the Concession Stand for 4-H. We also made them up with helping clean up the rodeo grounds that week before everything started. I continued to work through the community service hours as far as the night owl went. That is how my community service went, Thank you.

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