Community Service

 For my community service hours I help set up for the Baca County pageant and helped with a basketball camp. I helped set up decorations on the stage, set out chairs, and move stuff to the right place. I had ten hours worth of time setting up for the pageant. But I also wanted to help with a basketball camp that was put on in Vilas that another intern asked me to help with. We along with other kids came to coach the younger kids in learning the fundamentals in basketball. Unfortunately I only got to help with one of the days that the basketball camp was held but was thankful for the opportunity to help. Helping with the pageant and basketball camp  made me want to volunteer more and be able to help other people. Hopefully the decorations looked good to the people that were there to watch the pageant and to the people that were apart of it. And at the basketball camp I hope the kids enjoyed there time and learned at least one thing.  

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