Community Service

For my 10 hours of community I volunteered for Hart Days, Fair Theatre Summer Movie Days, Ogallala Commons, Unger Memorial Library, and the Taste of the Llano. I specifically chose events that would help give back to the places that helped me get to where I am today.

I grew up in Hart, and my parents and some of my family members still currently live their. For Hart Days, I power washed the Pavilion in Hart from top to bottom. Hart Days is a three day weekend event that helps raise money for our community. At the pavilion, they host a pet show, a pageant, and live music all throughout the weekend. The Fair Theatre and Unger Memorial Library are both entities of the City of Plainview. For the Fair Theatre Summer Movie Days, I helped at the box office taking the tickets and money of all of the children and adults coming in. I also helped in the concession stand during this time as well. At the Unger Memorial Library, I helped organize books and straighten some of the shelves out.

During our orientation for our Ogallala Commons retreat, we were able to get an hour of community service for helping with the clean-up crew during breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the Taste of the Llano event, I helped decorate and set-up before all of the guests arrived.

I did not find any of these events challenging, I enjoyed doing all of them because of the fact that I knew I was helping others. Power washing the Pavilion in Hart was likely my least favorite, but it still did not bother me to have to do it because I knew at least one person was going to appreciate the hard work I had put into doing it. I was very grateful for everything Hart, Plainview, and Ogallala Commons were able to do for me, so I hoped that I was able to show some of my appreciation for all they did during this period of my life.

Organizing books at the Unger Memorial Library 🙂
Power washing the Pavilion in Hart!
Helping out with the box office at the Fair Theatre Summer Movie Days.
Taste of the Llano event 🙂

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