Community Service

For my community service, I decided to help out the downtown associates and the Briscoe county boosters. I chose these projects because they were an opportunity to give back to my community and have a few more places to bring our community together.
For the first project of my community service, I and a few friends came together to clean up what will soon be the new community center around our town square. This build used to be the hardware store that has been there since I was born and it is such a great opportunity that it will soon be more than a torn-up store. A few weeks ago the downtown associates had a meeting discussing the plans of the new building and we had the opportunity of helping out with the cleaning around the area. I picked up trash that had been flown throughout the years. I also had to clean up the scrap metal that was laying around and in a small shack behind the building. There were also piles of bricks that we had to pick up and haul to the sewer. Although it was a lot of hard work and heat we had fun helping out the community, along with laughing with the trailer magically unhitched from the truck and taking its course. 
The second part of my community service project was helping out the Briscoe County Boosters. With the Briscoe County Boosters, I had the opportunity to help clean up the rodeo arena. I helped pick up trash so that they could mow and weed eat the grass around the stands. I also picked up trash around the fence and the area where the cowboys parked their trailers. Along with this I also cleaned up the concession stand that I would be helping with throughout the rodeo. The last thing I did with the Boosters was I helped put up the posters of all the sponsors that helped make the rodeo possible. All these projects were harder than they seem but it was great to be a part of the service that the people in our community were a part of 
The most challenging part of these projects was working it into my schedule but I got it done. It was a great opportunity to be apart of the community service and give back to the community that has been there and supported me throughout my life and are still supporting me through the new chapter I am starting. These projects also made me realize the many things that my community does to make our Celebration weekend a success and to bring us a new building that we will have so much fun in.

This will be the Community Center after it is fixed up.
This was taken behind the new Community Center

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