Community Service

For my community service, I went to Boulder, Colorado to serve beverages at a concert. I stood at a beverage cart in the field house right next to the stadium and served beverages to customers. I chose this service project because, I thought that it sounded interesting. I will also be attending the University of Colorado next year which is in Boulder, and I really like being in Boulder as much as possible. I think the most challenging part of my community service was figuring out how to run the cash register at first and to be quick getting the beverages.  Another challenging part of the community service was figuring out where to meet around the stadium. We met in a large group and we had a tough time finding the right spot to be. The experience impacted me because it felt good to do something for the greater good rather than myself. The money that I helped raise is donated towards an aviation organization. The aviation organization is putting the money towards making crop dusting safer for the pilots. Many cell phone towers go unmarked and can cause serious danger to the pilots in the planes. I benefitted the community because I am from rural Colorado and there is a lot of crop dusting that occurs where I live. Locally, many farmers use crop dusting for their crops.  I believe that the money I raised will help make a difference in life and death of a pilot. One of the pictures below is an image of the stadium in which the concert was held. I worked in a field house connected to the stadium. In the other image, my friends and I took a picture in front of the carts that we worked at. Two of my friends went with me to participate in the community service.

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