Community Service

Community Service can be performed in many different ways, but this summer I chose to do my community service at my home town’s local Pro Rodeo in Clovis, New Mexico. The rodeo takes place on the first weekend of June each year, so this year it was June 6-8. Contestants from all over America compete in this smaller rodeo on their way to a bigger rodeo. There are various other events that accompany the rodeo like a queen contest, parade, and a Pioneer Women’s Breakfast. I have actually been helping with this rodeo as long as I can remember. I grew up being a rodeo queen in it and now carry a sponsor flag for the performances of the rodeo. I really enjoy getting to carry the sponsor flags because the sponsors do so much to help put the rodeo on and I feel like we do a good job of representing their business in the arena. I carry the RAM flag mainly, but various other flags between events. I also help with any of the other events that are going on when they need a hand. Helping with these events gives me the opportunity to meet new people and spread rodeo in a positive light. One of my personal favorites would have to be the Little Buckaroo Rodeo because it is always fun to see how excited the kids and they always have something to keep you on your toes. I believe that my help with the Pioneer Days Rodeo is preparing me to be able to talk to no one no matter the circumstance and I am also learning how important it is to work as a team. I have also learned how to tell that have never even seen a horse before about rodeo in a good way so they can understand. Rodeo faces many challenges because some people think we abuse our animals and that is not the case at all, therefore by figuring out a good, polite way to tell people what we do and how much we love it has been a challenge, but I can now say I am better at it.

The last night of the rodeo. “You Can Now Exit the Building”.
Speaking at the Pioneer Women’s Breakfast.
Carrying a sponsor flag.

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