Community Service

For my ten hours of community service I noticed that an elderly lady’s yard was much higher than any other yard on our block. I asked her if she needed help to mow her yard. She said that she could not mow because she was too old and her mower would not work. So I told her I would mow her lawn when it started to get too long. She offered to pay me, but I turned her down and told her that I just wanted to be a good neighbor. I mowed her lawn seven times over the summer. We had a lot of rain in our town so the grass kept growing. Seeing her smile made my day every time I told her I would mow it. For two hours of my community service I volunteered to help my girlfriends mom by watching the kids of some families that were learning how to develop and raise their children. This one was a pretty good experience too since I got to play with children and watch them. However there was one girl that kept calling me “dad” even though I told her I was not her dad. She started crying as her mother carried her to her car because she thought I was her dad. For my last hour of community service I was approached by a member in my town to join a steering committee called Pros of Con. This committee positively shapes Concordia for future generations through community involvement, collective voice, and progressive projects. We planned out different events and talked about different things we could do. We also talked about different ideas on how to improve our 4th of July fireworks for next year. I will continue to be apart of this committee indefinitely. The pictures are me getting ready to mow and part of her yard.

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