Community Service

It seems that there are endless opportunities for community service, which makes it that much more difficult to choose a single project to tackle. The community service project I chose was to work at Thistle, Norton’s flower and gift shop. Though the requirement was only to work ten hours, I ended up putting in a little over fifteen. During my time at Thistle, I took charge of the sales portion of the business, which gave the owner more time to make arrangements. The timing of my community service was nearly perfect, as I was there during an extremely busy time. In a matter of three days, we had extra business from a community-wide car show and “shop small” promotion, as well as three funerals scheduled for the same day. I chose this project because I know the owner and her family quite well, and it was apparent that extra help for a few days would be very beneficial to her and our community. There were several challenges involved in this project as well. I have never worked in a customer service position before, so quickly jumping into answering the phone, taking orders, and operating the cash register was a definite adjustment. On top of this, one of the funerals we took care of had an astronomical amount of flowers, plants, and gifts, which made transporting them from the shop to the funeral home and ultimately to the church a challenge of its own. This project impacted me in many ways. Foremost, it greatly improved my customer service skills and gave me an opportunity for more social interaction, which is often missed while working remotely. This benefitted the community by allowing the shop to accomplish more during such a busy time. It also helped grieving families, as we took care of transporting flowers and memorial gifts for them.

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