Community Service

Onee of the requirement for Ogallala Commons was to due 10 hours of community service. I thought big and small about how I could help my community with my service. It was the little things, that I decided to do for my community. I helped a guy who was recently moving from his old house to a new house in a whole other city. We moved two trailer loads of stuff, and unloaded it throughout the day. The cities were about an hour apart give or take so it took us the full ten hours to do so. So just that one little day I had my community service knocked out which was great. Even the small things in your community help out a bunch. I have no pictures from that day sadly, because we were grinding. Doing this community service really helped out a person that was in need in my community. It benefited me in variety of ways as well as benefited them also. I can use it for college as well as put it on my resume for jobs in the future. This benefited the person I did it for because they got free help out of the deal. If I was moving houses I would sure would want a couple of young guys to do it for me. Hey free labor is free labor. I’m sure he really enjoyed getting free labor out of us. We carried a variety of thing up steps, like couches, chairs, and tv stands. We also put together bed frames for them. I think its kind of nice that Ogallala Commons makes us do community service. Its kind of a pain when you are doing it, but once you finish it you look back on it was worth it and now you have gained something. Its not that you gained hours, its the satisfaction that you have gained by helping someone out or just your community in general. It makes you feel good as a human being. Im really glad that I finished my community service. It sure does make me feel great about myself.

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