Community service

when doing community service in high school I really didn’t know I was doing it I didn’t count it as it. but when you are actually looking for it it’s really hard to find luckily our costumes in The Living Room needed to be organized. what I liked about it was seeing all the different costumes That Bonnie had done in all her show in Hoxie. I love organizing those things because it shows all the history and hard work the program has done. It was hard to figure out how to organize costumes at first but we soon figured it out we started to get all the main big costumes in one rack and it went on from there. there was so much art and it was great to see. now for my next one, I helped serve and make the food for Currier Drug Inc 20th anniversary. making food for this celebration was really fun and took a long time but it was fun. I started crying when cutting the onions. on the day off we went and served the tacos, I had to go in the back and flip tacos which were really fun to do. I really like to see all the faces when they eat the food. everyone was happy and it really showed how much the community really cared for one another. I love seeing everyone working together to make it a special day. I learned a lot about this community service and how the small things people do to make the town a better town. I’m lucky to have seen and lived in a small town that cares so much for all the people in it. though I already knew how special my town was it was nice to get back into seeing how well it worked together and how happy everyone is for it.


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