Community Service

In a small town, community service is hard to come by. Since this is a problem, I had to come up with a creative way to do my 10 hours of community service. So, being the teenage girl that I am, I looked to Pinterest. After browsing for ideas, I came upon a creative concept that I thought would be really fun. This idea was called a “Blessing Box”. The concept of the Blessing Box is you can leave canned food, hygiene products, and old clothes. If someone were to need any of these items, they would be able to go and get these items anonymously. In the process of creating this blessing box, I had to think of a place to put it, how to fund raise for it, along with what it would look like. With the help of some of my friends from FCCLA, we decided that the Human Resources building would be the best location for the blessing box. Our local lumber yard donated the wood, and we held a cake raffle to help fund raise for paint, along with supplies to start off the box. I think that the box was a really cool and unique idea to help people in need. 

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